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OM or aum (pronounced ah-uu-mm) is a sound considered by many ancient philosophical texts to be the sound of the universe, encompassing all other sounds within it. In Sanskrit, OM is called Pranava, which means to hum, and is considered an unlimited or eternal sound.

OM Maritime Pte Ltd, established in Singapore 2007, embodies the philosophy of the ancient origins of its name. It was humming along since its beginning, being constantly engaged in a range of activities and services.

OM Maritime Pte Ltd (“OM Maritime”), led by its charismatic and experienced founder, Capt Subhangshu Dutt cut through the noise, kept a low profile and constantly focused on the deliverables to its clients & stakeholders.

By late 2020, a strong foundation was laid and OM Maritime was on a growth trajectory which, true to its name began to reverberate across the maritime world, as a name to reckon with.

2021 heralded a new beginning and within a short span of time OM Maritime is a much quoted, rising star on the maritime sector.



Capt Subhangshu Dutt is a doyen among the maritime and business communities in Singapore. A master mariner and fellow of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, he held leading positions in PIL and was the CEO/executive director of Singapore’s first listed shipping trust. 


An adjunct professor at SMU, Capt Dutt helped create an awareness of the intricacies of shipping shaping young minds and future leaders to the maritime Industry’s importance and potential.

During his tenure as an elected director of Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce, Capt Dutt was the voice of maritime interests, clearly elucidating its requirements to the leading chamber in its interactions & presentations to the government.

Capt Dutt was the former chair of the Singapore branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.

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Cargo Ship

Owning and Chartering

OM Maritime (or nominee) is the designated charterer.OM Maritime charters ships across the chartering spectrum on its own account or on the client’s behalf.OM Maritime’s expertise lies in matching specific vessel types to the requirements of the charterers or trade and Market conditions.

Financial Analyst

Financing Solutions

Ship owning is a capital-intensive activity. Sell & Leaseback of ships offer an effective way of releasing capital for ship owners while attracting 3rd Party investors desirous of a regular cash flow in return for their investment.OM Maritime brings together like-minded shipowners & investors and proposes innovative financing solutions which will enable both parties to derive the maximum commercial benefits from a Sell & Leaseback arrangement.

A Port Worker

Commercial Services

OM Maritime continues challenging itself on what can be done to enhance the way it performs. We find that the answer lies in improved strategic clarity in operational excellence.OM Maritime’s focus, therefore, lies in ensuring that there is clarity at all stages of a voyage from the initial fixture to the completion of the accounting process.

Container Ship


OM Maritime undertakes specific projects which require its input on its as per client requirements, as an industry outreach effort or for its own business requirements. These projects can be forward-looking and may be designed to attract the attention of industry, investors, clients or regulatory authorities.



  • Reliability

  • Sustaining life in all forms; “Live & Let Live”

  • Alacrity


OM believes that reliability is the foundation for business success, applied accordingly ensures a long term future and alacrity is necessary in the maritime world of round the clock operations.

Shipping Containers


By 2025, OM Maritime aims to be South East Asia’s leading operator & partner of choice for shipping investors and entities enabling mutual growth & profitability through a combination of astute leadership, domain expertise, commitment to shared values and service excellence.


OM Maritime will achieve its Vision by constantly keeping updated on our deep understanding of the maritime industry, we will continually engage with all stakeholders and build on the trust quotient by:

  • focusing on service excellence, redefining them as needs change

  • providing a range of quality investment & chartering solutions

  • helping clients & stakeholders to navigate the cyclical nature of the maritime industry

  • aiming to tie in optimum profitability with sustainability and ethics

  • issuing timely operational & financial updates to relevant entities

  • communicating current & potential industry trends & changes

  • maintaining the highest level of expertise and qualification as necessary

  • ensuring diversity of work force, thoughts and opinions



Year Established





Edible Oil Voyage Fixtures



Time Charter

Bareboat Charter


Fleet Tracking





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